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Safety in your house may depend on a modern CONSUMER UNIT, also known as FUSE BOX, FUSE BOARD or DISTRIBUTION BOARD

Your old Fuse Board may be out-of-date, with a wooden back, cast iron switches or mixed fuses. It may contain asbestos. The old Fuse Box may not have RCD protection.
In many cases it is enough to get a new Consumer Unit, 17th edition with RCB (Residual Current Devices) or RCBO (Residual Current Breaker with Overcurrent). The devices are to prevent danger of short-circuit. The modern breakers instantly disconnect the electricity in case of failure and prevent current breakdown which could cause an electrical shock. The New Fuse Box 17th edition protects life by immediate reaction to any failure, and overcurrent or short circuit.
All new fuse boxes are fully certified by our qualified approved electrician.

There are two standards of modern Consumer Units:

  • Dual RCD Split Load Consumer Unit is the most popular solution. There are two RCD breakers for all installation.
  • More advanced technology is also available. It allows you to control every single circuit individually. However, this one requires greater financial effort.

Get a new secure FUSE BOARD/CONSUMER UNIT according to British Standards the 17th edition regulations and protect yourself and your family. Feel safe and secure. Your safety and comfort are our major priorities.

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